Take One

Dress: Maan (Dress #14) by PROMAGIC NEW Gacha The Gacha Garden
Hair: Dolly (Funky) by Tableau Vivant NEW Gacha The Gacha Garden
Flower: Plumeria by Tableau Vivant NEW Free Gift The Gacha Garden
Lara v4.1 by Maitreya
Head: Catya v2.10 by Catwa
Head applier & skin: Karina (America/Catwa) by Glam Affair NEW Kustom9
Pose: Nana (Pose 1) by micamee NEWish

Location: Liebe

Love, Rachel ❤️

Scarlet Woman

Dress: Venus (Maitreya/Colour via hud) by Avale NEW Cosmopolitan
Hair: Aysedora (Ginger Set 4) by Fabia NEW RARE Gacha The Gacha Garden
Body: Lara v4.1 by Maitreya NEW version 
Head: Simone Bento v2.7 by Lelutka NEW Version
Head applier & skin: Beth (America/Lelutka) by Glam Affair NEWeBENTO
Rings: Juno Bento Rings (Maitreya) by Absolut Vendetta NEW @ eBENTO
Pose: The Tube (Pose 4) by FOXCITY NEW eBENTO

Avale’s latest Cosmopolitan offering is another amazing party dress – they get better and better.  Trying to find a new hair to show with it I chanced upon this lovely offering from Fabia, available as a gacha from the Gacha Garden.  The head applier is the latest from Glam Affair at eBENTO.  Note – I wrongly showed the Polly applier as being from eBENTO a couple of posts ago, and I was wrong – it was from Kustom9.  There is no doubt, however, that both are gorgeous!

Rachel xxx

She was only the lighthouse keeper’s daughter…

Bikini: Clarice (Pink/Maitreya) by Just BECAUSE
Hair: Xiola (Type A) by eXxEsS NEW
BodyLara by Maitreya
Shape: Cindy (Catwa Bento) by Nanika NEW

Head: Catya v2.10 by Catwa NEW Version
Toko Eyes (Catwa applier) by Izzie’s NEW
Head applier & akin: Kika (Catwa America 03) by Glam Affair NEW RARE Gacha @ The Gacha Garden
Pose: Natalie (Pose 2) by Amitié

Location: Baja Sands

…but she never went out at night!

This scrumptious new hair from eXxEsS goes perfectly with my gorgeous old bikini from Just BECAUSE which shows off all the curves of the new Cindy shape for the Catwa Bento head.  Sure to cause trouble at sea!

Rachel xxx

Blood sacrifice

Bra & Collar: Bethany (White/Maitreya) by [The Forge] NEW Gachas The Gacha Garden
Hair: Margarita (Type A) by eXxEsS NEW
BodyLara by Maitreya
Head: Simone v2.2 by Lelutka NEW Update
Triumph (Fjord) by IKON
Shape: Lelutka Simone Bento by Izzie’s NEW
Head applier, skin and blood: Immortal (Lelutka) by YS&YS NEWWe Love Roleplay
Pose: Rebeca (Pose 2) by Label Motion

LocationSkye Neist Point

Sadly, they eventually caught up with me and it looks like I’ve been turned.  Don’t come anywhere near me with your skin exposed in the neck region! 😱  The gorgeously textured vampire effect comes from a new Lelutka Bento head applier from YS&YS.  It matches the bra from the Bethany set that I showed you a couple of days ago perfectly.

Rachel xxx

Do you believe in fairies?

Shorts, bra & top: Bethany (Red/Maitreya) by [The Forge] NEW Gachas The Gacha Garden
Hair: Luce (Basics) by Tableau Vivant
Wings: Eva (White) by NeverWish
BodyLara by Maitreya
Head: Catya v2.10 by Catwa NEW Version
Head applier & akin: Kika (Catwa America 03) by Glam Affair NEW RARE GachaThe Gacha Garden

You must believe, because I’ve got my wings!  Isn’t this new outfit from The Forge cute?  The individual items are available as gacha items at The Gacha Garden (there’s also a collar and some super-sexy boots).  I’m also showing the amazing new Kika applier in a bit more detail – again no makeup at all and yet I look stunning (I think!).

Rachel xxx

Within the golden hour

Dress: Daze (Yellow/Maitreya) by ALT by Truth NEW
Hair: Breeze (Redheads) by Tableau Vivant
Earrings: Shizuku by tram FREE Group Gift
Sandals: Olivia sandals (Coal) by fri.day
BodyLara by Maitreya
Head: Catya v2.10 by Catwa NEW Version
Head applier & akin: Kika (Catwa Asia 03) by Glam Affair NEW RARE GachaThe Gacha Garden

Location: Paris Je T’Aime

Within The Golden Hour is a terrific feel-good ballet by Christopher Wheeldon that was made on San Francisco Ballet but is also danced by Royal Ballet (who I saw do it twice last year!).  This certainly feels like the golden hour as I stroll across a Parisian bridge with my gorgeous golden dress from ALT and my gorgeous golden hair from Tableau Vivant (one of my ‘I’d forgotten I had it and forgotten how good it was’ hairs!).  I just adore this new skin from Glam Affair that’s available as a gacha from The Gacha Garden – I’m wearing it without any extra makeup and it just looks stunning.

Rachel xxx

A new day

Dolores (Layers/Lara) by neve NEW
Hair: Siren (Light Red) by Letituier NEW @  The Liaison Collaborative
Boots: Connie (Antique) by fri.day NEW @ Nº 21
BodyLara by Maitreya
Head: Annie v4.10 by Catwa
Head Applier & Lipstick: Giusy (Catwa/Asia) by Glam Affair NEW
Palette Sofa Lara (Short & Corner) by Panavia Fashion
Bar: Fast & Curious by YS&YS NEW Gacha The Gacha Garden