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Looking for a bite to eat

Corset, Undershirt, Sleeves & Shorts: Maiden by Moon Elixir NEW @ The Fantasy Collective
Necklace: Dreams by Ama. NEW @ The Fantasy Collective
Earrings: Magical Pentagram (Silver) by Clockhaus
Hair: Focus (Light Blondes) by Truth NEW
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Skin: Ellie Nostalgia Blue (Arctic B) by Glam Affair
Lipstick: Raspberry by Izzie’s
Eyeshadow: First Impression (Black) by .:Glamorize:.
Scar: Cheek Scars by Corvus
Fangs: Creature by .Oh!Liv.
Blood: Blood corner mouth by NOYA
Pose: The Willow Series (Pose 3) by an lar NEW @ The Fantasy Collective

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Taste for blood

Dress: Savage Beauty (Red) by Dead Dollz NEW @ The Fantasy Collective
Shoes: Vow Pumps (Black/Maitrey) by Garbaggio NEW @ The Fantasy Collective
Hair: Focus (Blacks and Whites) by Truth NEW
Body: Lara by Maitreya
 Yolandi (Jamaica 02 G) by Glam Affair
Makeup: Make Ups Part 2 (Blood+Silver Palet+Dark Red Lips) by NOYA
Pose: The Willow Series (Pose 5) by an lar NEW @ The Fantasy Collective

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Wild Child

Dress: Jagna (Magnolia) by !gO! NEW @ We  Roleplay
Hair: Jalina (Colorful) by [RunAway] NEW
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Skin: Sia II Ice (Asia 03 C) by Glam Affair
Eyes & Lips: Face Make up Combination (Funky+Lipgloss1) by NOYA
Scar: Cheek Scars by Corvus
Pose by Rachel Price

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Early one morning, just as the day was dawning

Jumper & Skirt: Noella (Fatigue) by C’est la vie NEW @ Shiny Shabby
Hair: Tristan (Sand) by [LCKY] NEW FREE Group Gift
Bag: CrazyParioli by YS&YS
Boots: Tennessee (Brown) by Essenz NEW @ Shiny Shabby
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Skin: Yolandi (Jamaica 02 A) by Glam Affair
Eyes: Ipnotic (Deep Blue) by YS&YS
Lipstick: Red Full Lipstick (009) by NOYA

Location: Evergreen Nook

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Wrapped around my heart

Wrap: Shen Sash (Colour controlled by Hud) by Caboodle NEW coming soon @ The Fantasy Collective
Hair: Ina (Platinum) by Argrace NEW
Headpiece: Large Winged Headpiece (Colour Hud) by Caboodle NEW coming soon @ The Fantasy Collective
Tattoo: Metallic Arrow by Izzie’s
Earrings: Wooden Fox by Pure Poison
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Skin: Yolandi (Jamaica 02 D) by Glam Affair
Eyes: Ipnotic (Deep Blue) by YS&YS
Facepaint: Prezioso (8) by Glam Affair
Lipstick: Red Full Lipstick (009) by NOYA

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Fever in the morning, fever all through the night

Dress: O-Ren (Maitreya / Red) by Dead Dollz NEW @ We Love Roleplay
Hair (top): Josette (Gingers with bangs) by Truth NEW
Hair (bottom): Navi (Reds with Headband) by Pr!tty NEW @ We Love Roleplay
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Skin (top): Amberly Lovely Day (Asia 03 C) by Glam Affair
Skin (bottom): Fiona (America 06 C) by Glam Affair
Eyes: Ipnotic (Deep Blue) by YS&YS
Lipstick (bottom): Red Full Lipstick (009) by NOYA
Pose (top): Amy (Pose 3) by IOS
Windlight: [TOR] SUNSET – Omninox

Location (top): Frisland

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Balancing act

Balancing act

Dress: Kes (Breeze) by Celoe
Boots: Thigh High Boots (Emerald Croco) by Maitreya
Hair: Malibu (Light blondes) by Truth (top) Nicole (Moon stone) by D!va (bottom)
Skin: Miko (Asia) by Glam Affair NEW @ The Kawaii Project
Lipstick: Face Make Up Lip Gloss1 by NOYA
Eyeshadow: Perhaps Later Eye Makeup (Pink) by Glamorize
Bike: Dreamers Vehicle/Poet by {vespertine} found in {Imeka}
Fox: Little Fox (Red) by MishMish NEW @ Collabor88

Imeka, DeLeon Springs http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/DeLeon%20Springs/195/104/24

I’ve just realised that sometimes writing a blog can be a frustrating affair.  I wanted to show pictures of two new outfits I’ve found but somehow whatever angle I took on the photos they just didn’t come out right.  So… I thought I’d dredge my vaults for an outfit that I knew would look good, these amazing crocodile skin boots from Maitreya that seem to make my legs go on forever and the gorgeous little high-waisted dress from Celoe which is another ‘wish I could wear it in real life’ item (though I don’t think I’d get away with it!).  Unfortunately they were made for a Collabor88 event earlier in the year so aren’t available any more – but you can visit their stores for lots of other stuff equally as gorgeous! Thanks to my lovely friend Danni for giving me the inspiration to use the Imeka mainstore on the DeLeon Springs sim as a location for the photos – I found this amazing bike there but I think maybe my trick cycling experiment is doomed to failure :). Visit Imeka yourselves and maybe pick up some Nati’s lovely poses while you’re at it!

L&K Rachel 👢👠👕

Business is slow

Bad girl

Bad girl

Jacket: Cataclysm Tri-Jacket (Military Cargo) by Razor NEW @ The Liaison Collaborative
Jeans: Black Jeans LQM by Redgrave
Hair: Liberty (Blonde) by Argrace
Makeup: Tribal Big by **NOYA**
Cigarette and Pose: YavaCig 1.0K Kim by Yavanna
Café: courtesy of The Liaison Cooperative

The Liaison Collaborative http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fall/208/214/24

I’m a good girl usually, as I’m sure you all appreciate 😊, but when I saw this leather jacket on my first trip to The Liaison Collaborative I felt I had to take up smoking to give it full justice.  It has more zips than places where zips can go as far as I can see, but it feels super sexy on me.  Now, I’ve never smoked a ciggie in my life (honest!), so I hope I’m doing it properly!  I got my leather jeans from Redgrave out of the wardrobe as they were ideal with it, and I also found some bold makeup from Noya that I’d never had the opportunity to use before, but then I’d never been a bad girl before!  As a location I used the refreshment caravan at TLC, but no-one seemed to be serving.

L&K Rachel 💋💋💋

Did I leave the bathroom tap on?

Did I leave the bathroom tap on?

Kiara Romper (Floral) by The Secret Store
Jacket: Noah Cropped Jacket (Sienna) by The Secret Store
Heels: Jessy Summer Wedges (Red) by Gawk!
Eyeshadow: Perhaps Later Eye Makeup by .:Glamorize:.
Lipstick: Face Make Up Lip Gloss 1 by **NOYA**
Hair (Sea): Faye (Light Blonde) by Truth
Hair (Boardwalk): Rocky (Light Blonde) by Truth
Skin: Emily (Natural/Pale) with Slink appliers by Lara Hurley
Body: Slink Physique
Feet and Hands: Slink
Eyes: Sunrise (Deep Blue) by IKON
Pose (Sea): Glamour Pose 5 by House of Dragovar

Location: FairWinds, Casco Bay http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Casco%20Bay/124/135/22

Like most of you I guess, I get inspiration for new outfits by shamelessly raiding other bloggers.  I got this outfit from Zoe Gloster’s wonderful Penguins blog.  I saw it and I had to buy the outfit!  I even bought the cuter than cute Romper Suit and stylish Jacket in the same colours – imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  I realise now that I don’t have as much from The Secret Store as I ought to have.  Their designs are adorable, cute but also extremely savvy, but the attention to detail is amazing.  Look at the amazing textures on the two close up photos of front and back below.  I love the subtle pastel shades of the suit and the vivid leather of the jacket and the little bow is sweet beyond measure.  Rather than roam Second Life, I took these photos at my lovely little beach-side house at FairWinds Beach.  The views out to sea are glorious – I was actually only about three feet offshore when I took these pics! Love and Kisses Rachel xxx Getting my feet wet 3
Here are a couple of closeups: Getting my feet wet 2 I bet you're glad to see the back of me!
And just so you can see what the romper suit looks like without the jacket and what I look like below my knees, here are a couple of shots on dry land: Romper Suit

Down and out in Innsmouth

That it should come to this

Skirt: Amy Highwaist Skirt (Cherry) by The Secret Store
Top: Betsy Halter Tank (Red Polka) by The Secret Store
Heels: Savannah Ankle Strapped Heels (Burgundy Leather) by [L.Warwick] (free gift)
Hair: Rocky by Truth
Body: Physique by Slink
Skin: Emily (natural/pale with freckles) by Lara Hurley
Hands: AvEnhance Female by Slink
Eyes: Perhaps Later Eye Makeup (Pink) by .:Glamorize:.
Lips: Face Make Up Lip Gloss 1 by **NOYA**
Poses: Ear Muffed by Del May (1) & Default Runway Pose by House of Dragovar (2)

Innsmouth  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Innsmouth/33/222/25/

Sometimes I like to visit the darker side of Second Life.  Innsmouth is a place that wouldn’t look right in sunlight – a New England town devastated by some unnamed disaster and left empty and desolate.  I found this squalid room in a squalid house at the end of the street and it seemed perfect for a picture! I love high waist skirts – they seem to emphasise the length of my legs and make them go on for ever.  I’m wearing a recent one from the Secret Store that makes a perfect combination with the loose polka dot cropped top from the same store.  I’ve paired them with a free pair of Slink heels available, along with five others, as free gifts from the L.Warwick store – a really stunning freebie.  This is the first time I’ve pictured myself in my new Slink Physique Mesh Body.  It won’t really work with my normal Curio skins so I got a Lara Hurley skin which with freckles attached is utterly delightful!  The hair is one of my all time favourites from Truth.  Where would we be without Truth 🙂

Love and Kisses Rachel xxx

Looking at the path I must follow