Rachel’s Pumpkin Delivery Service


Romper Suit: Gara61 Pin Up Romper (Colour via hud/Maitreya) by ArisAris NEW
Jacket: Tete Leather Jacket Over Shoulders (Pink3) by Emery NEW in mainstore
Hair: Lucie (Red) by +elua+ NEW GachaThe Epiphany
Bracelets: Assorted Beads Bracelet (Black) by Izzie’s
Choker: Suede Wrap Choker (Black/Silver) by #Foxy
BodyLara by Maitreya
Skin: Fiona (America 06 C) by Glam Affair
Eyes: Lua (Teary/Ebony) by Izzie’s NEW Gacha @ The Epiphany
Pose: Maditha (Pose 5) by [ILAYA] NEW Pose Lovers & Friends

Location: Everlong

Everlong looks like it’s had another makeover and it’s more beautiful than ever – a perfect place to take photos.  I found this cute bike with a panier full of pumpkins, and using this pic by the lovely Sylvana Cortes as the inspiration for my outfit, I’ve tried to create a suitably seasonal portrait!  I really love the combination of romper suit from ArisAris and jacket from Emery – hard to believe they weren’t designed to be together.  The new +elua+ hair from The Epiphany is especially gorgeous.  I was hoping for blonde from the gacha but the red version is just as nice.  The Epiphany is also where you can find these lovely new mesh eyes from Izzie’s.  Finally another new pose from the new Pose Lovers and Friends event, this time from [ILAYA], and it’s so pretty.

Rachel xxx


Eton Mess

Dress: Austin (Mili/Maitreya) by Emery NEW Collabor88
Hair: Verity (Gingers (top) & Light Blondes (bottom)) by Truth NEW
Lara by Maitreya
Skin: Willis (Fair/Ginger (top) & Blonde (bottom)) by Izzie’s NEWish
Triumph (Fjord) by IKON
Rings: Spring Midi Rings (Gold/Maitreya) by Izzie’s NEW @ Uber
Pose (top): Back Series 1 (Pose 3) by Glitter Poses NEW @ Pose Lover

Location: Baja Norte

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Jacket: Amsterdam (Original/Maitreya) by Emery NEW Collabor88
Top: Straps shirt (Hessian) by [sYs]
Pants: Straps cargo pants (tartan) by [sYs]
Necklace:  Xena (Set 3 #1) by YS&YS NEW The Dressing Room
Hair: Robin (Ombres) by [RunAway]
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Head: Stella v1.3 by Lelutka
Head & Skin Applier: Aria (Asia) by Glam Affair
Eye Makeup: Glitter Eyeshadow (Lelutka/Dark) by Izzie’s NEW 
Lipstick: Lelutka Noble Lipstick Applier (Classics) by Izzie’s NEW @ Mix
Pose: Danny (Pose 3) by HOuSe of ZION

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Into the wild blue yonder…

Jacket: Amsterdam (Original/Maitreya) by Emery NEW Collabor88
Jeans: Parker (Grey/Maitreya) by #EVANI NEWish
Shoes: Honey (Coal/Maitreya) by fri.day NEWish
Hair: Tsumugi (Amber/Type A) by Argrace
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Skin: Inger (Medium01/Brown) by Essences NEW @ Kustom9
Eyeshadow: Purple Winterberry 3 by [mock]
Lipstick: Pink by Izzie’s
Balloon and Pose: Fly Away (Pose 4) by 8+ NEW Pose Lover

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If you want it?

Jacket: Amsterdam (Original/Maitreya) by Emery NEW Collabor88
Jeans: Parker (Grey/Maitreya) by #EVANI NEWish
Hair: Sonya (Light Reds) by enVOGUE NEWish
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Skin: Inger (Medium01/Cranberry) by Essences NEW @ Kustom9
Eyeshadow: Purple Winterberry 3 by [mock]
Lipstick: Pink by Izzie’s
Pose: Delicate (Pose 1) by Serendipity NEW @ Pose Lover

Location: Baja Sands

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Grasp the thorn

Jacket: Amsterdam (Original/Maitreya) by Emery NEW Collabor88
Dress: Austin (Mili/Maitreya) by Emery NEW Collabor88
Necklace:  Xena (Set 1 #2) by YS&YS NEW The Dressing Room
Hair: Tierney (Gingers) by Truth NEWish
Boots: Leather Knee Boots (Wine/Maitreya) by ISON
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Skin: Klarissa (America 01 A) by Glam Affair
Lipstick: Pink by Izzie’s

Rose & Pose: Girl with Roses (Pose 3) by Nanika NEW @ Pose Lover

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How do I ride this thing?

Top: Loose Cotton Top (Blue) by NYU
Pants: Lauren Riot Jeans (Grey) by Emery
Hair: Afternoon (Dark Blondes) by Lamb NEW Gacha @ The Arcade
Shoes: Didi Wedges (Pewter) by fri.day NEW @ Kustom9
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Skin: Fiona (America 06 A) by Glam Affair

Location, Bike & Pose: StoryBrooke Gardens

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