Pretty as a picture

Jacket: Dragon Temptress (Maitreya/Gold) by Decoy NEW Gacha @ The Arcade
Skirt: Dragon Temptress (Maitreya/Gold) by Decoy NEW Gacha @ The Arcade
Bra: Caiti (White/Maitreya) by Blueberry
 no.dream (Reds) by no.match
Body: Lara v4.1 by Maitreya
Catya v2.10 by Catwa
Head applier & skin: 
Karina (Asia/Catwa) by Glam Affair
Shape: Cindy (Catwa Bento) by Nanika
 Xanthe (Pose 3) by Entangled Poses

Location: Bella Pace

Love, Rachel ❤️

Classical beauty

Classical beauty

Dress & Cardigan: Ohana (Flower White/Red) by Mikunch NEWKustom9
Hair: Nicole (Moon stone) by D!va
Heels: Aria for Slink Mid Feet (Tangerine) by Decoy NEWCollabor88
Skin: Penelope (Cloud/Makeup 1/Blonde) by Curio

Athan Selidor (top pic)
Rowne (bottom pic)

I’ve talked previously about Second Life clothes that I would wear if I could in real life. Here’s another entry in that category, an absolutely delightful midi dress from Mikunch with an unbelievably cute matching mini cardigan. I LOVE the little flower trim!. I would wear this in real life in an instant! I matched it with my Nicole hair from D!va and the beautiful Decoy Aria heels that are still available at Collabor88. I went to Athan Selidor to take the first picture to show how the classical beauty of the surroundings matched the classical simplicity of the dress.

I then struggled for the right shot to show the whole dress and how pretty it was, as most poses I found apart from stiff standing ones didn’t do it justice. I had to find an interesting way to picture one of those poses, so an idea came to me as I was peering inside the lighthouse at the Rowne sim.  I realised that if I took a picture looking straight up it would look like a tunnel.  It was then a simple matter of taking a picture of myself at my N30 studio and then using Gimp, the poor woman’s Photoshop :), to overlay me on the lighthouse picture to make me appear an ethereal presence coming out of the light (ooooerr!).

L&K Rachel ❤️❤️❤️

Tunnel vision

From the back of the wardrobe #1

From the back of the wardrobe #1

Hair: Nicole (Moon stone) by D!va
Skin: Gigi (Blonde/Makeup 4) by Curio
Freckles: by Izzie’s
Necklace: Elly by [LNS Designs]
Bracelet: My Squared Diams by La Penderie de Nicole
Dress: Bowlicious (Vanilla) by The Secret Store
Heels: 80s heels by HOC Industries
Dress: Marissa (Peacock) by Eclectic
Heels: Satin Wrap heels (Black) by Leverocci
Dress: Sara One Shoulder Dress by FLRN GROUP GIFT
Heels: Aria (Tangerine) by [Decoy]

My N30 Photography Studio

One of the worst bugbears of Second Life is forgetting all the wonderful stuff you’ve bought.  You know what it’s like – you buy what you think is the best dress ever in the whole world and three weeks later you’ve bought half a dozen more and you forgot you ever got it, despite it still being gorgeous.  So… I thought that from time to time when (especially when my SL funds are getting a bit low!) I’d feature some of the forgotten treasures from the back of my SL wardrobe. This first post features three lovely mini dresses.

I’ve got so much stuff from The Secret Store recently that I’d forgotten I got this beautifully simple dress with a clever bow-shaped collar.  I’ve paired it with some retro-style heels from HOC which have a great colour HUD, including some wonderful poppy colours if you are a group member.  In the middle is a lovely little peplum dress with a twist by Eclectic that I’ve paired with my Satin Wrap heels for Slink medium feet from Leverocci. The pièce de résistance is the dress on the right, a stunning one shoulder dress from FLRN which I’ve paired with my new heels from Decoy.  Would you believe this is a group gift, still available at the FLRN store? I think it’s one of the most detailed and stylish group gifts I’ve ever seen.

Why not try a bit of rummaging yourselves? You never know what gems you might find!

L&K Rachel 💋💋💋

Channelling Monet

Impression: Autumn

Top: Miami (Salmon) by Emery @ Collabor88
Pants: Tropicana (Pure) by Emery @ Collabor88
Heels: Aria (Tangerine) by [Decoy] @ Collabor88
Hair: Upshaw (Fall) by Tableau Vivant @ Collabor88
Earrings: Lovely Heart
Bracelets: My Squared Diams by La Penderie de Nicole
Pose: Passing Acquaintance by Rachel Price (my first pose😊)

Frisland, Laluna Island

A return visit to Frisland to model some items from the latest Collabor88 collection.  First, some gorgeous full-bodied hair from Tableau Vivant, then a cute matching top and pants set from Emery and finally some lovely heels from Decoy.  As you can see from the picture I found a spot where I could channel my inner Claude Monet!

Love and kisses Rachel xxx