Rain, what rain?

Top: Straps shirt (Hessian) by [sYs] NEW @ Shiny Shabby
Pants: Straps cargo pants (tartan) [sYs] NEW @ Shiny Shabby
Belt: Straps belt [sYs] NEW @ Shiny Shabby
Sunglasses: Monaco [sYs] NEW @ Shiny Shabby
Hair: Gisselle (Light Reds) by enVOGUE
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Skin: Klarissa (America 01 D) by Glam Affair NEW @ Shiny Shabby
Pose: My Belle (Pose 6) by Bauhaus Movement

Location: Ironwood Hills

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Spring has sprung!

Natalya (Blackberry) by Enfant Terrible
Hair: Gisselle (Light Reds) by enVOGUE
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Skin: Klarissa (America 01 D) by Glam Affair NEW @ Shiny Shabby
Pose: My Belle (Pose 13) by Bauhaus Movement

Location: Frisland

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Gold Standard

Dress & Bra: Helena (Desert) by tres blah NEW @ N21
Hair: Tang (Monotone) by Doe NEW Gachas coming soon @ The Gacha Garden
Necklace: Wish (Ginger) by YS&YS
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Skin: Yolandi (America 01 A) by Glam Affair
Eyes: Triumph (Fjord) by IKON
Pose: My Belle (Pose 12) by Bauhaus Movement

I often get excited and call such-and-such a dress the best I’ve ever seen in Second Life, but I think this exquisite new outfit from tres blah really deserves such an award.  It is just completely delicious, especially this version with the liquid gold skirt, and you can find it at N21 along with lots of other goodies.  I love it to absolute bits, as I do the first hair I’ve ever tried from the Doe label, which is available soon as a gacha from The Gacha Garden.

Rachel xxx


Shadow dancing

Top: Tank Top (Coral) for Lara Mesh Body by Maitreya NEW
Briefs: Hipster Basics (Coral) for Lara Mesh Body by Maitreya NEW
Hair: Spice (Female/Fantasy 1) by Exile NEW Gacha @ The Arcade
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Skin: AmelieRR01 (Medium01 / Brunette) by Essences NEW RARE Gacha coming soon @ Cosmetic Fair
Pose: My Belle (Pose 19) by Bauhaus Movement
Windlight: Bristol

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Broken Promises

Top: Crop Top (Creme) by Maitreya
Skirt: Letia Belted (Maitreya/Blue) by Blueberry NEWish
Hair: Psylocibin (Light Reds) by Analog Dog NEW @ Hair Fair
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Skin: Grazia (America 02 C) by Glam Affair
Pose (top): The Maven Series (Pose 4) by an lar
Pose (bottom): My Belle (Pose 21) by Bauhaus Movement

Location (top): Cupcake

It’s Hair Fair time, with lots of lovely head furniture to be had!  One of the loveliest is this one from Analog Dog which I had to have from the moment I saw Ashia Tomsen put it in her blog. It’s a mixture of mesh and flexi so the curls move in the breeze.  Go to Hair Fair and try it!

Rachel xxx

Curly 2

Le temps perdu

Dress: Simple Dress (Wine) by B.C.C NEW @ Shiny Shabby
Hair: Melissa (Moon stone) by D!va NEW @ Shiny Shabby
Necklace: Eliza (Steel) by Kibitz
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Skin: Eles (America 05 B) by Glam Affair NEW gacha @ Shiny Shabby
Pose (top): My Belle (Pose 13) by Bauhaus Movement
Pose (bottom): Rebeca (Pose 2) by Label Motion NEW @ Shiny Shabby

Location (top): Everwinter

Lots of Shiny Shabbiness for you today – a gorgeous little frou-frou dress from B.C.C, Marisa’s exquisite new hair from D!va, the soft and smooth new skin from Glam Affair and a simple but effective pose from Label Motion.  There’s lots more at Shiny Shabby – go and buy!

Rachel xxx

Temps perdu 2

In the frame


Blouse & Skirt
: Wallflower (Dreamer) by Foxes NEW @ Collabor88
Cardigan: Wallflower (Azure) by Foxes NEW @ Collabor88
Shoes: Midnight (Grey) by REIGN
Hair (bottom): My Love (Redheads) by Tableau Vivant NEW @ Collabor88
Hair (top): Ririth (Moon stone) by D!va NEW @ Collabor88
Skin: Miko Rainbow (Asia 05 C) by Glam Affair
Body: Lara v2.1 by Maitreya
Lipstick: Strawberry by Izzie’s
Lips: Parted Lips 1 by Tuli FREE
Ardent (Pewter) by IKON
Poses: My Belle by Bauhaus Movement

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