(In my dreams) I’m a Prima Ballerina

Top: Tank Top (Coral) for Lara Mesh Body by Maitreya NEW
Briefs: Hipster Basics (Coral) for Lara Mesh Body by Maitreya NEW
Afternoon (Ginger) by Lamb NEW Gacha @ The Arcade
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Skin: Sia II FLF (Jamaica C) by Glam Affair
Pose: Ballet (Pose 2 (top) & 5 (bottom))  by Sari-Sari NEW @ Kustom9

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Good Times

Top & Pants: Emelia (Cream) by SAKIDE NEW @ The Fantasy Collective
Hair: Runway Afro hairstyle (Black) by TuTy’s
Necklace: Dera (Black/Gold) by .ARISE. NEW @ The Fantasy Collective
Earrings: Coin (Gold) by Izzie’s
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Skin: Lou-Ann (Dark01 / Brunette) by Essences NEW
Pose (bottom): Stand 513 by !bang NEW @ Shiny Shabby

Location & Top Pose: Everwinter

It’s odd, but this outfit from SAKIDE, available now at The Fantasy Collective, reminded me not of medieval role-playing but of all those glorious 70s disco songs, my favourite of which is Good Times by Chic.  Kim begged me to let her wear it and I think she looks a picture!  The wonderful afro is from TuTy’s and the necklace by .ARISE. is also available now at TFC.  Boogie on down!

Rachel xxx

Boogie Nights

Post Apocalyptic Catwalk

Dress (Left): Berenice Intenses (Purples) by Fallen Gods Inc. NEW @ The Fantasy Collective
Dress (Centre): Dark Nymph (Night) by Valentina E. NEW @ The Fantasy Collective
Dress (Right): Ellaria (Turquoise) by Dead Dollz NEW @ The Fantasy Collective
Hair: Ella (Light Reds) by Entwined NEW @ The Fantasy Collective
Mask & Flower: Emelia (Wine) by SAKIDE NEW @ The Fantasy Collective
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Skin: Yolandi (Asia 02 C) by Glam Affair NEW Gacha @ Shiny Shabby
Lipstick: Nude by Izzie’s
Pose: from Stand 510-519 series by !bang NEW @ Shiny Shabby

Location: Everwinter

The Fantasy Collective is always wonderful for luscious long evening gowns, and here’s a triptych from the current event, from Fallen Gods, Valentina E. and a subtly daring one from Dead Dollz.  Hope you like them!!  I thought the mask (which is part of an outfit from SAKIDE that I’ll show later if I have time) added a touch of Edgar Allan Poe to the various ensembles!  The beautiful new Entwined hair is also from the current Fantasy Collective collection.  I chose Everwinter as a suitably post-apocalyptic backdrop to the fashion show.

Rachel xxx

Road to Nowhere

Dress: Tauriel (Original 11 RARE) by Sweet Lies NEW Gacha @ The Fantasy Collective
Hair: Lola (Gingers) by Truth NEW
Headpiece: Leaf’s Head Piece (Gold) by Clockhaus NEW @ The Fantasy Collective
Earrings: Coin (Gold) by Izzie’s
Ring: Claddagh Embossed Gold Ring by Enchant3D Emporium
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Skin: Grazia (America 02 C) by Glam Affair
Makeup: Prezioso (Makeup 7) by Glam Affair
Pose: Stand 514M by !bang NEW coming soon @ Shiny Shabby

Location: Skye Neist Point

More fantasy goodies from the latest round of The Fantasy Collective, starting today.  As I may have said before, I’m not really into role play, but put me in a gorgeous medieval gown like this new one from Sweet Lies and I’ll fantasize with the best of them! 🙂 It’s available in a number of different Gacha options at TFC – this is a Rare one so take pot luck and who knows, you might get it!  You can also get this lovely Clockhaus headpiece from TFC – the gold version complements this gown perfectly.  Truth have just released two new hairs, both as ever gorgeous.  This is Lola, and I’ll show the other new one, Kinsley, in a future post – watch this space.

Rachel xxx

P.S. If any of you have been to Skye Neist Point you probably think that there’s a castle at the top of this rise, but not any more – I’ve magically dispatched it to the netherworld!

Road to Nowhere 2


Dress & Leggings: Woodland Guardian Tunic Set by The White Armory NEW coming soon @ The Fantasy Collective
Hair: Benita (Light Blondes) by Truth
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Skin: Grazia (America 02 A) by Glam Affair
Makeup: Prezioso (Makeup 6) by Glam Affair
Armlets: Woodland Gypsy (Silver) by Cellar Door NEW coming soon @ The Fantasy Collective
Bench & Pose (top): Wooden Swing Bench by Serenity Style NEW coming soon @ The Fantasy Collective
Wall Art: Wooden Tic-Toc Wall Art by Serenity Style NEW coming soon @ The Fantasy Collective
Pose (bottom): Stand 512M by !bang NEW coming soon @ Shiny Shabby

A new round of The Fantasy Collective is almost upon us and there’s lots more RP wonderfulness for you to enjoy there, including this lovely outfit from TWA that can either be worn as a tunic set with leggings as in the bottom pic or as a lovely mini dress as in the top pic.  The beautifully rustic bench with matching art certainly give it an authentic olde worlde feel!

Rachel xxx

Waiting Room 2


Dress: Layered Crossover Dress (Navy) by Rebel Gal NEW @ Shiny Shabby
Hair (Top): Alessa (Light Reds) by Entwined NEW @ Shiny Shabby
Hair (Bottom): Alice (Light Reds) by Entwined NEW coming soon @ The Fantasy Collective
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Skin: Eles (America 05 D) by Glam Affair NEW gacha @ Shiny Shabby
Eyes: Sunrise (Deep Blue) by IKON
Pose (Top): Sensuality (Pose 1) by La Jolie Rose NEW coming soon @ The Fantasy Collective
Pose (Bottom): Stand 489 by !bang modified using Animare

A double helping of Entwined hair today, Alessa, now available from Shiny Shabby, and Alice, available later today from The Fantasy Collective.  I’m always saying how much amazing hair there is in Second Life these days and here is the proof.  What I love about these two hairs is that they are essentially the same hair, just brushed differently which is perfect for making subtle variations on a particular look, like here with this beautiful new dress from Rebel Gal at Shiny Shabby.  I’m drowning in Second Life loveliness!!

Rachel xxx

Rapture 2

A better day

The promise of a better day...

Top: Anton (Peach) by coldLogic NEW
Skirt: Aubrey (Grey) by coldLogic NEW
Hair: Damaris (Light Blondes) by Truth NEW The Arcade Gacha
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Skin: Summer v3 (Asia 03 B) by Glam Affair NEW @ Uber
Lipstick: Strawberry by Izzie’s
Pose (top): VIP002 by !bang
Pose (bottom): Charmy (Pose 3) by Imeka

Location: Alirium

Does anyone do better crafted Second Life clothes than coldLogic?  Not if they have to compete with this stunning new top and skirt that are just completely, utterly adorable, with gorgeous textures and wonderful attention to detail.  They go well with this lovely new hair from Truth, and the whole ensemble is set off by the most beautiful location in Second Life – Alirium!

Rachel xxx

The gift of a better day