Don’t mess with Rachel!

Top & Skirt: Reggie Black Leather by 2Chez
Boots: Thigh High Boots (Black) by Garbaggio
Necklace: Bullet by  [The Forge] NEW @ Christmas on 34th Street
Goggles: Dogmeat’s Welding Goggles by  [The Forge] NEW @ Christmas on 34th Street
Hair: Betty (Moon Stone) by D!va NEW Collabor88
Weapon: Female Cyborg Weapon 1 from standard Second Life inventory

Location: Somewhere

It seems like ago that I first started posting Second Life pictures on Flickr, but it was actually only back in February of last year, and on that first day one of the pictures I posted was of the skirt and top from 2Chez shown above.  Here’s the link.  I thought it was a cool outfit then and I think so now, and when I got these awesome goggles from [The Forge] to show you I could sense some sort of vigilante theme for the picture emerging, especially when I found this equally awesome cyborg weapon in the depths of my Second Life inventory.  Hope you like the weird mixture!  Oh, and by the way, I’ve checked and the 2Chez outfit is still available on Marketplace.

Rachel xxx

Author: Rachel Price

Second Life fashionista!

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