Making the best of a bad situation!

Dress: Phase Dolly (Sky/Rose) by Zenith
Hair: Zelda by Ayashi NEW @ The Fantasy Collective
Pencil & Exit wound: Geek’s Revenge by Ama NEW @ The Fantasy Collective
Blood necklace: Bleed by Cae NEW @ The Fantasy Collective
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Skin: Yolandi (Jamaica 02 B) by Glam Affair
Eyes: Ipnotic (Deep Blue) by YS&YS
Teeth: Show me your Teeth by Mad’ FREE
Winter Palette Glace Makeover (eye/lip 2) by [mock]

There’s so much amazing fashion in Second Life that sometimes something really beautiful passes you by.  The other day I saw this blog by geelakeish and immediately fell in love with the dress on the left.  I went investigating and found that it was nearly a year old! How did I miss it?  I’ll definitely be wearing it to all my Second Life Christmas parties this year (if anyone invites me!).

I found two fun items from Ama and Cae at the current Fantasy Collective that I thought would suit a picture themed around courage in adversity.  After all, if you were involved in pencil- and necklace-related accidents like the ones shown above, you’d still want to look your best wouldn’t you? 🙂

Finally there’s some lovely hair by Ayashi, also available at the Fantasy Collective.  It’s so, soft, silky and utterly beautiful!

Rachel xxx

Making the best of a bad situation 2


  1. awwwww toooo cuteeeee ❤


  2. Rachel, give me you SL id! Lol, I wanna know u inworld! :p

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sure! I’m Rachelette Resident (otherwise known as Rachel Price!) ❤


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