The Tree Tunnel of Love

Hair: True Love Waits (Ginger) by Lamb
Top: Gabriella (Dark Bleu) by A Piece of Chic
Leggings: Zeezee (Lively/Lara) by neve NEW
Sandals: Sanguine (Black/Maitreya) by [The Forge] NEW @ We Love Roleplay
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Skin: Sia II FLF (Jamaica C) by Glam Affair
Ring: Celestine Heart by Maxi Gossamer NEW @ Uber
Pose (Top): Michi (Pose 4) by Imeka NEW @ The Chapter Four

Location: Tree Tunnel at Horseshoe Park

When I was small and we were travelling in the car with our parents, we loved going along roads where the trees on either side of the road leaned forward and met above the car.  We called then ‘tree tunnels’ and we used to score them out of 10 according to how complete they were.  This tree tunnel at Horsehoe Park would definitely have been a 10/10!  I thought it would be a great place to show off my blend of fantasy and chic.

The sandals from The Forge can be found at We Love Roleplay so are really intended for a fantasy outfit, but I thought they would look great with my cool new leggings from neve and this old top from A Piece of Chic, which when you look at it would probably work as a fantasy tunic as well!  Thanks to the lovely Nati Williams for the pose in the top pic.  It is so cute, as are all the poses in the pack which can be found at the latest round of The Chapter Four.  The bottom pose is of my own devising!

Rachel xxx

Tree Tunnel of Love

Author: Rachel Price

Second Life fashionista!

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