Kim prepares a nice salad but has trouble with the tomatoes

Headdress: Singh Facechains by [The Forge] NEW @ The Fantasy Collective
Earrings: Magical Pentagram (Gold) by Clockhaus NEW @ The Fantasy Collective
Necklace: Ibbie by [Pure Melody] NEW @ The Fantasy Collective
Bangles: Isis Cuff (Copper) by Kibitz NEW @ The Fantasy Collective
Dress: Anarchy (White) by Faida & Fallen Gods Inc NEW @ The Fantasy Collective
Hairbase: Onyx by D!va
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Skin: Lou-Ann (Dark01 / Brunette) by Essences
Dagger: Medieval Knife (Left Hand) by Blackburns

I hope you don’t think Kim has been up to no good.  She was simply preparing a nice salad for our lunch and the tomatoes turned out to be a bit juicier than she expected when she was chopping them up – at least that’s what she told me!  Kim is wearing a whole host of wonderful stuff from the new round of The Fantasy Collective, jewellery from The Forge, Clockhaus, Pure Melody and Kibitz and a lovely tomato-spattered dress (honest!) from Faida & Fallen Gods.  The knife came courtesy of my inventory.

Rachel xxx

I have done the deed 2

Author: Rachel Price

Second Life fashionista!

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