Where’s my sister?

Where's my Sister?

Rachel (Right) is wearing:
Dress: Big Sleeves Loose Skirt (Rose) by Zenith NEW @ Kustom9
Bag: Leather Calceolaria Bag (Cherry) by Zenith NEW @ Kustom9
Hair: Kaya (Essentials) by MINA NEW @ Kustom9
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Skin: Alice (Asia/05/C) by Glam Affair
Eyes: Ipnotic (Acqua) by YS&YS

Chiara (Left) is wearing:
Jacket: FitMesh Leather Biker Bolero Jacket by Meli Imako
Top: Camisole (Blue Sakura) by SHIKI
Jeans: Pretty in Pink by (Y)
Hair: Bambi (Type A/Moon Stone) by D!va FREE Group Gift
Skin: Jennie2 (Fair/05) by LAQ
Makeup: Iron & Fire Sahne Makeover Lip 2 by [mock]
Footwear: flipflops (Black) by (nova)

Location: Diner at Gigglez City

She’s over there, Rachel!!!!

Rachel isn’t my first Second Life avatar.  She has a sister who’s been on Second Life for 5 years but now only gets dragged out on special occasions.  She also doesn’t get any clothing allowance from her younger sister so has to make do with stuff from a bygone SL age (or freebies!).  I’ve listed her outfit and some things, like the Group Gift hair from D!va, are still available, but others I’ve not been able to trace inworld or on Marketplace so think of the outfit as a museum piece.

What i myself am wearing is some nice stuff from the current Kustom9, the lovely Zenith minidress that you just saw the top of in a previous post, a matching leather bag, and lovely bundled up hair from MINA.  Oh, and I looked up Kenyon College on Google and it looks like is a college in Ohio, which made me think of these lyrics from Leonard Bernstein’s musical Wonderful Town:

Why, oh why, oh why, oh —
Why did i ever leave Ohio?
Why did i wander to find what lies yonder
When life was so cozy at home?

Love and kisses, Rachel 💋

Where's my Sister? 2

Author: Rachel Price

Second Life fashionista!

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