Magic ring? Don’t make me laugh

Magic Ring?

Top: Roxy (White)  by erratic NEW @ Collabor88
Leggings: Roxy mesh body applier by erratic NEW @ Collabor88
Boots: Juliette (Crimson) by NEW @ Collabor88
Hair: One Way or Another (Naturals) by Exile NEW @ Collabor88
Ring: Claddagh Embossed Gold Ring by [E3D]
Bracelets: Cannes by YS&YS NEW @ The Dressing Room Fusion
Earring: Eliza (Obsidian) by Kibitz
Body: Lara v3.0 by Maitreya NEW UPDATE
Skin: Alice Cygana (Asia/03/D) by Glam Affair
Tattoo: Soul Tattoo (Maitreya Mesh Applier) by Infected
Poses: Gift Hunt by Label Motion

Location: The Seasons Story

So anyway, I was passing through Hobbiton (as you do) and thought I’d look up my old friend Bilbo in his hobbit hole.  Who should be there as well but that old wizardy fella Gandalf.  He gave me this gold ring and said it would make me invisible, which you can see from the top pic is patently untrue!  He also said it was evil and that I had to go all the way to New Zealand and chuck it into an active volcano to destroy it, otherwise some bloke called Sauron would nick it and become ruler of the universe or Simon Cowell, one or the other.  Fat chance, said I, but when he said it was all expenses paid I thought, what the heck, I could do with a nice holiday and maybe I can fit in a few days stopover in Sydney – perfect!!  So off I went 🙂

The hobbit hole is actually at the current Seasons Story event and I found the ring hidden deep in my inventory!  I’m showing three punky new items from the current Collabor88, a hole-y cropped shirt from erratic with matching leggings, some sturdy boots (for walking to New Zealand, presumably) from and some gorgeous hair from Exile, which is a bit like a grown-up version of the superb Robin hair from RunAway that I showed a while back.

The road goes ever on…

Love and peace, Rachel Baggins 💗 Leaving Hobbiton 2

Author: Rachel Price

Second Life fashionista!

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