Put out the trash

Put out the trash

Dress: Emilia by Pure Poison
Hair: Robin (Ombres) by [RunAway] NEW @ Rock Attitude Fashion Fair
Body & Bra: Lara by Maitreya
Skin: Storm TDRFusion01 (Pale02/Brunette) by Essences NEW @ The Dressing Room Fusion

Location: side street at Rock Attitude Fashion Fair

I’m guessing this skin and hair combination might divide people as it’s not my usual thing but I have to say I really love it and you may be seeing more of it! The hair by [RunAway] at Rock Attitude has a gorgeously punky feel about it and exudes energy and sassiness and total cool!  The new skin from Essences at The Dressing Room Fusion is the perfect complement – you wouldn’t mess with this girl!!  I needed an outfit that this sort of girl would wear and in my inventory I found this amazing Pure Poison dress with a see-through lace top. The Rock Attitude Fashion Fair sim is not just a great place to shop but a great place for taking pics.  They’ve put a lot of thought into creating a believable urban environment and down one side street I found this half full skip that seemed perfect for the look.

Love and peace, Rachel 💙

 Garbage 2

Author: Rachel Price

Second Life fashionista!

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