Dress: Bow Chain Peplum Dress by Fishy Strawberry NEW @ SOU by Creation.jp
Hair: Jaycee (Reds) by Elua NEW @ SOU by Creation.jp
Shoes: Monaco Suede (Denim) by *YS&YS* NEW
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Skin: Amberly Lovely Day (Asia 02 D) by Glam Affair
Earring: Eliza (Silver) by Kibitz NEW @ The Fantasy Collective

Location: Black Kite

I’ve been thinking about how all my pics tend to be different sizes and that it might be better if all of them were a consistent size so as an experiment I’m going to crop them all to 16:9 so that they fit nicely onto your widescreen laptops!  It certainly gives my portrait a bit of a Big Sky feel in the top pic.  Hope you like the hair – it’s by Elua at the SOU by Creation.jp event and I think it’s fab!  If you’ve stuck with this blog for a while you’ll also know I love peplum dresses so this new tweedy one from Fishy Strawberry at the same event was a ‘must buy’, even if to show it off I had to get my feet wet (again!) at Black Kite.  They should really do something about it – they have a real drainage problem there 😊

Love and Peace, Rachel 💛

Standing on ceremony

Author: Rachel Price

Second Life fashionista!

One thought on “Widescreen”

  1. If it helps your portraits Rach we can always turn our lappy’s over on their sides and you can go 9:16, although I am looking forward to seeing lots of blue sky now we are heading out of Winter


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