Drink on it's way, sir!

Dress: Renata Gacha by Sweet Lies (Original 5 COMMON) NEW @ The Fantasy Collective
Sleeves: Renata Gacha by Sweet Lies (Original 2 COMMON) NEW @ The Fantasy Collective
Tray: Drinks Tray Gacha by Sweet Lies (Original 10 RARE) NEW @ The Fantasy Collective
Earrings and Necklace: Eliza by Kibitz  NEW @ The Fantasy Collective
Hair: Margery by [RunAway] NEW @ The Fantasy Collective
Face Tattoo: Viso by .ARISE. NEW @ The Fantasy Collective
Eye Makeup: Succubus (2) by The Wicked Peach NEW @ The Fantasy Collective

Location: Curly Vine Winery & Tavern

Another round of new stuff from The Fantasy Collective.  What’s new is the beautiful medieval serving wench dress (with drink or food tray!) from Sweet Lies that’s available via a Gacha (so best of luck!), the forehead tattoo from .ARISE. that looks very fetching!  The rest you’ve seen before, though maybe not in the same colour/version.  The fact is that there is a LOT of amazing stuff at TFC this time round – I’ve barely scratched the surface.  However, Shiny Shabby is calling and I really must give it some attention in my next blog 🙂

Love and Peace, Rachel ✌️

Author: Rachel Price

Second Life fashionista!

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