Real life?

The Lighthouse Keeper's daughter

Sweater: Let Loose (Beige) by GizzA
Pants: Winter Leggings (Brown) by GizzA
Skin: Patty (Pale/Blonde eyebrows) by Izzie’s
Hair: Daria (Type B/Moon Stone) by D!va
Poses: VIP by !bang Group Gift 
Boots: First Winter Boots (Cocoa) by Flite
Bodylight: Face & Body Lights (Intensity 3) by :Mila:

Location: Sarawak

I’m beginning to understand how easy it is to take pictures in Second Life that look totally real, and I’m thinking this is the way my photography ought to go.  Of course Photoshop helps! I think the picture above is the closest I’ve got so far to that naturalistic look but I’ll keep trying for the perfect one!  If anyone’s interested I use the Phototools Breakwave Building Light windlight setting and a subtle bodylight from Mila to bring out the detail in my avatar.

For this shoot I wanted to show that you don’t have to always show new stuff – there’s lots of back catalogue stuff out there waiting, begging, to be bought.  Examples is this lovely hair from D!va and this wonderful Urban Style sweater and pants set from GizzA.  The boots are an old friend from Flite and I found a lonely corner of Sarawak to take the pictures. Enjoy!

L&K Rachel 💛

Me and my doggone pooch

Author: Rachel Price

Second Life fashionista!

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