Autumn Glory

Back to front

Credits (top pic):
Dress: Nicolette by Indyra
Hair: Aya (Type A/Black amber) by D!va
Shoes: Satin Wrap Heels (Black Plastic) by Leverocci
Necklace: Kali by Indyra (bundled with Nicolette dress)
Skin: Patty (Pale/Ginger Eyebrows) by Izzie’s
Pose: K9 Muah Muah (pose 1) by Offbeat

Credits (bottom pic):
Dress: After Party Vintage Claudia Velvet Dress (Black) by Rebel Gal
Hair: Crystal (Reds) by Blues
Skin: Miko (Asia) by Glam Affair NEW @ The Kawaii Project
Cigarette and Pose: YavaCig 1.0K Kim by Yavanna

Imeka, DeLeon Springs

I love the tail end of Autumn with the last few leaves making their last stand before the bare branches of Winter. It means the days have almost stopped getting shorter and before we know it we’ll be on the road to Spring. Imeka is a great store for poses and it’s also a great location at the moment for capturing this time of year and I hope I’ve done that with these two pics. I’ve chosen two dresses that you might think a little skimpy for the season but hey, this is Second Life – we don’t get cold here :). The top pic is a lovely belted dress from Indyra which has a hud that gives 5 different beautiful textures. You also get a necklace (pictured) and a clutch (not pictures because it’s a bit clunky!). I’ve paired it with the gorgeous Aya hair from D!va and one of my favourite skins. The second dress is a slinky little cocktail number from Rebel Gal which went perfectly with my Crystal hair from Blues and a cigarette.  With the new Miko skin from Glam Affair it’s a dress that makes me feel very naughty!

L&K Rachel 👩

Autumn chill(ing)

Author: Rachel Price

Second Life fashionista!

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