Bare faced cheek


Credits (top pic):
Skin: Patty (Pale/Ginger Brows) by Izzie’s
Hair: Mayumi (Black amber) by D!va
Eyelashes (right pic): Cute lashes by GloSSy
Lipstick (right pic): Rust by Izzie’s (with Patty skin)
Eyeliner (right pic): Autumn Leaves by Izzie’s (with Patty skin)
Blusher (right pic): Dark Tan by [mock]
Earring (right pic): by Lovely Heart

Credits (bottom pic):
Skin: Gigi (Cloud/Blonde) by Curio
Hair: Nicole (Moon stone) by D!va

As I mentioned in my last post, the Second Life Flickr world has gone ‘Bare Face Challenge’-crazy! I’m nothing if not a bandwagon jumper so here are my two efforts :). In the top pic I’ve cheated slightly by doing before makeup and after makeup pics. Which do you prefer? I think I prefer the unadorned me. The bottom pic is the first I posted and I really do think that this Curio skin looks perfect without makeup – really cute!

L&K Rachel 💄💄💄


Author: Rachel Price

Second Life fashionista!

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