Oh yes, I’m gonna be a country girl again…

Oh yes, I'm gonna be a country girl again...

Dress: Sweet Sailor Dress (Chibi) by The Secret Store
Shoes: Oxford Heels (Pink Polka) by The Secret Store
Hair: Tina (Red amber) by D!va

L’Arc-en-Ciel, Winterfell http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/WinterFall/79/128/23 (top pic)
Home (bottom pic

Once I find a designer I like, I enjoy going back into their ‘back catalogue’ to see what I might have missed. Here’s a gorgeous little sailor dress with lovely trimmings and a beautiful little pink bow that I found at the The Secret Store store 😃! It was matched at the store with some nice heels that feel so comfortable – definitely ones for real life though I’m not sure I’d wear this colour in real life!! I wanted a nice front porch setting for the main pic and via one of the Flickr groups founds this amazing location on the Winterfell sim.  Front porch, rocking chair, old brown dog – they immediately made me think of country music. Taylor Swift may not be singing country music anymore but I’m still keeping the faith (still think her new album is wonderful though!).

L&K Rachel 💕

Why doesn't he call?

Author: Rachel Price

Second Life fashionista!

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