Fancy anything sweet, dear?

Fancy anything sweet, dear?

Top: Kusa top (Flowers/Orange/No Suspenders) by Spirit Store NEWKustom9
Jeans: Kusa skinny jeans (Dark Blue) by Spirit Store NEWKustom9
Boots: Autumn (Red/Male) by Pixicat NEW @ Kustom9
Hair: Kalli2 (Moon stone) by D!va NEW

Millhouse Beanery Coffee House

I love a good pair of skinny jeans in real life. I think I have the legs for them but sometimes when I’m putting them on I wonder 😳. My latest trip to Kustom9 resulted in these amazing skinny jeans from Spirit Store, amazing in that I don’t know how they made mesh jeans so tight! They look wonderful but I did have to wear the male version of the Pixicat autumn boots to make sure they fitted properly over the jeans – I think they look OK, don’t you?  The jeans came with a super cute little top in a variety of colours including this delightful autumn leaves print version.

Looking for a location to shoot I came upon the Millhouse Beanery Coffee House sim which included this rickety old streetcar café which was covered in leaves that matched the top – serendipity indeed! I just had to lie down and enjoy the view from the top, before going downstairs to serve the customers. What I served them you have to guess :-).

L&K Rachel 💋💋💋

No room left on top

Author: Rachel Price

Second Life fashionista!

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