Classical beauty

Classical beauty

Dress & Cardigan: Ohana (Flower White/Red) by Mikunch NEWKustom9
Hair: Nicole (Moon stone) by D!va
Heels: Aria for Slink Mid Feet (Tangerine) by Decoy NEWCollabor88
Skin: Penelope (Cloud/Makeup 1/Blonde) by Curio

Athan Selidor (top pic)
Rowne (bottom pic)

I’ve talked previously about Second Life clothes that I would wear if I could in real life. Here’s another entry in that category, an absolutely delightful midi dress from Mikunch with an unbelievably cute matching mini cardigan. I LOVE the little flower trim!. I would wear this in real life in an instant! I matched it with my Nicole hair from D!va and the beautiful Decoy Aria heels that are still available at Collabor88. I went to Athan Selidor to take the first picture to show how the classical beauty of the surroundings matched the classical simplicity of the dress.

I then struggled for the right shot to show the whole dress and how pretty it was, as most poses I found apart from stiff standing ones didn’t do it justice. I had to find an interesting way to picture one of those poses, so an idea came to me as I was peering inside the lighthouse at the Rowne sim.  I realised that if I took a picture looking straight up it would look like a tunnel.  It was then a simple matter of taking a picture of myself at my N30 studio and then using Gimp, the poor woman’s Photoshop :), to overlay me on the lighthouse picture to make me appear an ethereal presence coming out of the light (ooooerr!).

L&K Rachel ❤️❤️❤️

Tunnel vision

Author: Rachel Price

Second Life fashionista!

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