Here today, blonde tomorrow

Hair today, blonde tomorrow (Izzie's Patty skin)

Credits Left:
Skin: Patty (Pale/Blonde Eyebrows) by Izzie’s
Hair: Nicole (Moonstone) by D!va NEW @ Collabor88

Credits Right:
Skin: Patty (Pale/Ginger Eyebrows) by D!va
Hair: Crystal (Reds) by Blues

My N30 photographic studio

Two blogs for the price of one today.  The reason is that I wanted to put on record how much I love the new Patty skin by the lovely Izzie Button.  I found it while going through her Flickr stream, and what immediately caught my eye were, believe or not, the eyebrows! She looks like she’s properly looked at Real Life eyebrows and tried to recreate them, making a much more realistic look.  Also the colouring of the eyebrows is really vivid and beautifully complements the hairs I’ve placed against them in this photo.  I wanted in this blog to also highlight the two hairs that have given me most joy over the last couple of weeks (you will have seen them in a few photos).  First off is the Nicole hair that can be found at Collabor88.  I so love this hair – the detail is amazing, especially the stray hands of hair which look so lifelike.  It also has a darling hairband and bow.  Next is the Hallie hair from Blues, which has been out a while but which I like most of all for the beautiful shades in the Reds pack – really, really beautiful.

Love and kisses Rachel xxx

Author: Rachel Price

Second Life fashionista!

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