How much fun is this?!

How much fun is this?!

Top: Sequinned Top (Blush) by Très Blah
Pants: Black Jeans LQM (Highheels) by Redgrave
Heels: Satin Wrap Heels (Black Plastic) by Leverocci
Hair: Upshaw (Fall) by Tableau Vivant
Makeup: Iron & Fire Sahne Makeover (Lip 0) by [mock]
Skin: Ember (Cloud/Makeup 6/Ginger) by Curio
Hands: Slink
Pose: courtesy of a pile of leaves at Moon Village

Moon Village (Top pic)
Fairwinds (Bottom pic)

Going back to Moon Village today (what an adorable location!), I found a pile of leaves, and what self-respecting adult child doesn’t want to jump up and down in a pile of leaves? 😄 I wore a recently purchased sequin top from Très Blah and some lovely Liquid Mesh jeans from Redgrave (whatever happened to Liquid Mesh?). I wore the same outfit at an impromptu session with my sister Chiara at Fairwinds.  Sweet music! Dynamic Duo #3

Author: Rachel Price

Second Life fashionista!

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