Pleased with my day’s work!

Pleased with my days work!

Dress: Draw by M.Cherla
Hair: Hakura (Blonde) by Argrace
Boots: Laud by Maitreya
Body: Physique by Slink
Skin: Emily (Natural/Pale) by Lara Hurley
Eyeshadow: First Impression Eye Makeup (Carrot) by .:Glamorize:.
Lipstick: Sweet Coral Lipstain (1) by [mock]
Pose: Shopaholic by Glitterati
Smile: by Anypose


Great dresses in Second Life come in two categories, those that you adore but would be just too outrageous to wear in Real Life and those that you adore and just wish you could find in Real Life, that you would wear every minute of every day if you had the chance. This wonderful dress from M.Cherla fits completely into the second category. I love the styling and the colour, and I can just feel the dress on me, feel and smell the fabric.  It is altogether my favourite dress since I started Second Life ❤️❤️❤️.  And I pictured it as I came out of one of my favourite stores in Second Life, Maitreya.  Second Life does not get any better than this! Love and Kisses  Rachel xxx

Author: Rachel Price

Second Life fashionista!

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